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Green Top Lawn Care

1001 W Euless Blvd #210
Euless, TX 76040
United States


We are Euless Texas owned and operated grass care services that provide grass fertilization and weed control services to the owner of Tarrant Regency

Sedge control can be difficult, even by professionals. Understanding more about how it grows will help you understand why it can be a big problem on your page.

Nutsedge, also known as SEDE or Nutgrass, is an eternal plant that reproduces especially by small underground tubers, called Nutlets, which are formed at the bottom of the underground stem. The underground stem is called rhizome. One bean plant can produce several hundred tubers during the summer. In one year, the reproduction of one tuber has the potential to produce 1,900 new plants and 7,000 new tubers. Yellow Nutsge can also be spread by rhizomes. Now you can see why it is very difficult to control and why spread on your page. Fortunately, individual tubers do not live more than 3 years.

There are several ways to identify sedges and distinguish them from the grass. Sedge can be identified with the shape of the triangle. You can feel the shape by turning the stem at your fingertips. Sedge leaves are arranged in groups of three, which also distinguishes them from the grass. The leaves are light green to yellow, and each leaf has a long and tapered tip. Yellowish colors are usually easily seen in green grass as different. Each leaf also has a prominent release and has a nice, shiny, or rhilted appearance.
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