Pest Kings Wildlife & Pest Control Bradford

5, 450 Holland St W Suite 117, Bradford
ON L3Z 0J4

Open 24 Hours

Pest Kings - Bradford Pest Control is a professional team of pest control technicians who provide excellent guarantees for insect and wildlife control. Our top priority is to solve your pest problem. If re-treatment is required, we will provide it immediately and at no additional cost. If your expectations are not met, we will refund your service fee in full. Pests in Bradford - In addition to common insect pests, Bradford faces animal problems that can be equally bothersome and destructive.
Stinging pests such as wasps and fire ants also have an impact on the city. Homeowners in Bradford must keep an eye out for destructive pests such as carpenter ants, and termites can be a problem in some areas. Pest control by Pest Kings Bradford. Raccoons, rats, mice, squirrels, and other animals can also be effectively removed from your property by a Bradford technician. We handle difficult situations such as rodent removal from walls or under your deck. We can also handle mouse and rat infestations, which can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked.
The changing seasons bring with them new pest control issues. Insects and larger animals such as chipmunks are more active during the summer months. As winter approaches, rodents such as mice and rats become a problem as they seek shelter indoors. Throughout the year, large animals such as raccoons get into garbage cans and invade attics.
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